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Gigi Mizrahi

"My work has more to do with the heart than with the mind."

I would dare to say that


has been the guiding thread of my life.

Gigi Mizrahi is an artist who has explored different fields and who has stood out for her creativity, innovation and commitment within each of the projects in which she has been involved.

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Gigi is characterized by showing in her designs the pride she feels for Mexican culture, nature and her journey around the world. She is a faithful admirer of the multiple contrasts and the richness of her country. At the same time, she is a tireless traveler, who is nourished by everything she discovers.

"My source of inspiration is mainly the designs of pre-Columbian and African art."

- Gigi

"As a contemporary woman, I allow myself to read the magical and mystical world we live in. Therefore my work is free. My pieces are never faithful reproductions."

My story...

I was born in Mexico City, from a Lebanese father and a Polish mother. I consider myself a free and adventurous spirit, a tireless seeker who has ventured into humanistic psychology, teaching, fashion, and arts (pottery, jewelry, engraving, photography and painting).

I obtained a master's degree in Creativity from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain and another in Accessory Design from the Marangoni Institute in Milan, Italy.
I learned the craft of goldsmith in various workshops and I self-taught lost-wax casting; a technique that I use in all my pieces. 

My goal has always been transforming pre-Hispanic designs into contemporary ones, while creating beautiful objects with identity.

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